Conference Papers

Here you have the possibility to download the conference papers.

They will be available during the conference days and will be downloadable until November 9, 2020.

These papers are published in “Systematic Problem Solving in the Age of  Digitalization and Open Innovation”, Denis Cavallucci, Stelian Brad, Pavel Livotov (Eds.), IFIP AITC 597, Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-61294-8, 2020

You can download the papers from the above mentioned volume by clicking here


Computing TRIZ

Daria Berdyugina and Denis Cavallucci Real-time Contradiction Matrix of a Given Field Using Unstructured Texts of Patent Contents and Natural Language Processing

Nikhil Phadnis Algorithmic Approach for Idea Landscaping and Prioritization

Vasilii Kaliteevskii, Arthur Deder, Nemanja Peric and Leonid Chechurin Conceptual Semantic Analysis of Patents and Scientific Publications Based on TRIZ Tools

Guillaume Guarino, Ahmed Samet, Amir Nafi and Denis Cavallucci Summarization as a Denoising Extraction Tool

Igor Zadesenets Problem-Solving Tools as Methods for Managing the Information Content of Systems

Xin Ni, Ahmed Samet and Denis Cavallucci Build Links between Problems and Solutions in the Patent

Cross-fertilization of TRIZ for Innovation Management

Sehoon Cho A Study on the Effect of Improved Collective Intelligence Combined with TRIZ Methodology for Solving Complex Technology Systems

Hans-Gert Graebe Men and Their Technical Systems

Andreas Zagos and Stelian Brad Quantifying Sustainable Patents for Enhancing ESG Factors Using Bibliometric Indicators from Patent Portfolio Valuation

Lulu Zhang, Runhua Tan, Haoyu Li, Fanfan Wang, Jianguang Sun and Kang Wang Innovative Method of Patent Design Around Guided by Technological Evolution

Leonid Chechurin and Mikael Collan Dynamization and Real Options – Discussing the Economic Success of Design Inventions

Eugen Otava and Stelian Brad TRIZ-based Approach for Improving the Adoption of Open Innovation 2.0

TRIZ and Sustainable Development

Oleg Abramov Excesses in Engineering Systems: A Helpful Resource

Pavel Livotov, Mas’Udah and Arun Prasad Chandra Sekaran Learning Eco-Innovation from Nature: towards Identification of Solution Principles without Secondary Eco-Problems

Marouane Mouatassim, Mickael Gardoni, Denis Cavallucci and Arlindo Silva A Future Eco-design Framework Based on TRIZ’s Contradictions and Bio-Inspired Design

Emilia Brad and Anca Stan TRIZ to Solve Challenges for Designing Sustainable, Intelligent and Inclusive Buildings

Masih Hanifi, Hicham Chibane, Remy Houssin and Denis Cavallucci Contribution to TRIZ Progress in Combining Lean and Inventive Design Method

Nino Hoch and Stelian Brad Managing AI Technologies in Earthwork Construction: A TRIZ-based Innovation Approach

TRIZ and Complexity

Joanna Majchrzak and Marek Miądowicz Network of Contradictions Analysis in Marketing Information Quality Management

Naser Ghannad, Roland De Guio and Pierre Parrend Feature Selection-based Approach for Generalized Contradiction Recognition

Xuerui Wang, Jianhui Zhang, Ruikai Zhao, Wenxu Zhang and Congying Wang Flow Structure Information Model for Multi-flow Problem Analysis of Complex Systems

Ruikai Zhao, Jianhui Zhang, Xinyu Zhang, Xuerui Wang, Congying Wang and Wenxu Zhang Multi-conflict Problem Resolution Process Model of Complex Technical System

Jianguang Sun, Haoyu Li, Yujuan Du, Zhitao Song and Runhua Tan A Systematic Innovation Process Oriented to Inter-Discipline

Andrei Vlad Florian and Stelian Brad TRIZ Driven Identification of AI Application to Improve Navigation of Mobile Autonomous Robots

TRIZ and System Engineering and Analysis

Ovidiu Bielefeld, Vladimir Sizikov, Nadine Schlüter, Manuel Löwer, Arthur Schleicht and Tim Katzwinkel Quantification of Influences between Components, Functions and Process Usage Stages by Linking TRIZ Methods and Systems Engineering

Jerzy Chrząszcz Eliminating Disadvantages by Changing Transitions in a State Machine Cause-Effect Model

Rachid Benmoussa MOOCs vs Face to Face (F2F) Model: What Relevance for Creativity Development?

Clément Acker, Antoine Braesch, Pierre Dumangin, Nathan Lauth, Amira Essaid and Denis Cavallucci Understanding and Overcoming the Low Utilization Rate of ARIZ in TRIZ Practices

Gabriela Vica Olariu and Stelian Brad Effective Improvement Solutions in Organizations Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and TRIZ: A Case Study in Higher Education

Tools and Techniques of TRIZ for Enhancing Design and Education

Pavel Livotov Easy-to-use Ideation Technique Based on Five Cross-Industry Analogies Enhances Engineering Creativity of Students and Specialists

Fanfan Wang, Runhua Tan, Lulu Zhang, Yu Wang, Jianguang Sun and Zhitao Song An Approach of Product-type Process Trimming

Tony Tanoyo, Iouri Belski and Jennifer Harlim Application of TRIZ Substance-Field Analysis and Situational Analysis for Risk Analysis and Development of Common Language among Stakeholders

Davide Russo, Christian Spreafico and Paolo Carrara How to Organize a Knowledge Base Using TRIZ Evolution Tree

Lorenzo Maccioni, Franco Concli and Yuri Borgianni High Power Density Speed Reducers: A TRIZ Based Classification of Mechanical Solutions

These papers are published in the Special Issue “Systematic Innovation for Engineering Complex Technical Systems” of “Acta Technica Napocensis Series: Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Engineering”, Mihai Dragomir, Emilia Brad (Guest Eds.), Open Acces Journal, ISSN 1221 – 5872, 2020.

You can download the papers from the Special Issue from HERE

TRIZ Case Studies and Practices

Darrell Mann and Viktoria Zinner Mindful TRIZ

Yuliya Pyao, Azra Memon, Ye Lin Junjg, Yong Won Song and Woon Kyu Lee Innovative TRIZ-Based Approach to Prevent CLDE Symptoms in Silicone-Hydrogel Eye Contact Lenses

Ahmed Ouezgan, Said Adima, Aziz Maziri, El Hassan Mallil and Jamal Echaabi A Novel Design of CRTM Mold by Using TRIZ Separation Principles

Yong Mun Jeon and Yong Won Song Solving Semiconductor Probe Card Problems Utilizing TRIZ and Data Analysis

Kangrok Lee, Jaemin Shim and Jinyong Kim Software Engineering Performance and Quality Assessment by TRIZ

Dong-Seok Oh, Yong-Won Song, Jae-Man Joo and Wan-Bok Park How SK Hynix Applies TRIZ to Industry Field Problems

Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin and Valeri Souchkov World TRIZ-Related Sites Project (WTSP) (3): World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ and around-TRIZ Sites: First Edition (Oct. 2019) and Its Further Enhancement 

Seunghyun Kang and Yongwon Song Study of a Methodology for Creating a Fantasy Story Using TRIZ

Viesturs Tamuzs Formulation of the Definition of Life Using the ARIZ 85c Methodology

TRIZ Case Studies and Practices

Pavel Fimin, Evgenia Smirnova and Oleg Abramov Technology Scouting for Solid Waste Treatment: TRIZ Approach

Ahmed Ouezgan, Said Adima, Aziz Maziri, El Hassan Mallil and Jamal Echaabi Development of a New Variant of Resin Film Infusion Process for Aeronautic and Automotive Industries Using Su-Field Models

Stefan Schaper TRIZ for the Creation of Blue Oceans

Evgeniy Smirnov The First Level Algorithm for Finding Inventive Solutions Based on Function-Oriented Modeling of Conflicts and Analysis

Paolo Carrara A TRIZ-Based Method for Smart Product Design

Muhammad Irshad Yehya, Remy Houssin, Amadou Colibaly and Hicham Chibane Towards Evaluation of Solution Concepts in Inventive Design

Ionut Condrea, Bogdan Oroian, Carmen Botezatu, Marius Boca, Mihaela Ețcu, Vasile Ermolai, Daniela Gabriela Ciobanu and Gheorghe Galmadi Use of Some TRIZ Principles in the Case of Designing Research Equipment

Vladimir Petrov and Helen Solodkina TRIZ: Innovation Opportunities for the Fashion Industry