The TFC 2020 Conference Organizers recognize that COVID-19 is creating for everyone a lot of uncertainty with respect to how to approach attendance of the conference. To help minimizing the uncertainty in at least one area, the organizers wish to reassure everyone that the TFC 2020 Conference will proceed on the scheduled dates, between October 14-16, 2020.

Whilst the preferred option was to run the conference in the usual face-to-face physical format, for the 20th edition of TRIZ Future Conference the organizers have decided to choose the ONLINE FORMAT in order to allow everyone to participate irrespective of their circumstances.

We will come in due time with technical details about the online organization of the conference.

Registration FEES

We welcome to the conference not only authors of papers, but also any person who is interested to find out more about systematic innovation. Sponsors are involved such as to reduce the fees for participants. Thus, the participation fee is structured as follows.

Category** Before September 15 After September 15
ETRIA member 250 € 300 €
Non-ETRIA member 300 € 350 €
PhD student contributor* 150 € 150 €
PhD student participant 200 € 200 €

* this category is applicable for papers where only PhD students are authors, co-authors; a proof from the university will be attached in the system with the occasion of registration.

** all individual members of IFIP member societies (over 40 national IT societies plus ACM and others) plus all members of IFIP Technical Committees and Working Groups are entitled to a discount of 10% on all registration fees


Registration Form

For conference fee, please consider the following bank account: RO44BRDE130SV27799321300

Address: Bd. 21 Decembrie 1989, nr. 81-83, Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, Romania
Bank Identification Code: BRDEROBU
Account Owner: Cluj IT
Mention: “Fee for TFC2020”

Important notice: After filling this page and click the “Register” button, you will be transferred to a new page where it is required to upload the proof of payment. If you do not have the proof yet, do not worry. A message is sent automatically to your email box where you can later on act the button for uploading the proof of payment. This will lead you directly to the required page, without passing again through the registration step. Because the message is automatically sent by the server, it is possible to be placed in the “spam”; thus, please check your spam box for the message “Your registration at”, sender “ETRIA World Conference”.

If you do not have a paper please write NO PAPER.

If you do not have a paper please write NOT APPLICABLE.

If you do not have a paper please write NOT APPLICABLE.

If you do not have a paper please write NOT APPLICABLE.

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Please upload documents that proof you are IFIP member or/and PhD student contributor (if applicable)

Please mention a paper published at ETRIA TFC Conference in the last 5 years (as author/co-author) (if applicable)

Please provide all data necessary to be written on the invoice.

Your registration price will be EUR

By completing this form and clicking the “REGISTER” button you agree to the terms and conditions and the GDPR policy on our website (required)

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